Grace (celestialblendr) wrote in spiceofthemonth,

Back With a Kick!

Um, yeah, so, we're back!
March 2005's SPICE OF THE MONTH is (drumroll, please):
Chipotle Pepper!

Chipotles are dried, smoked jalapeño peppers (Capsicum annum CV 'Jalapeño'), which means they have amazing potential for lending their rich smokiness and piquant kick to any number of dishes. They are commonly available dry or canned in adobo (check the Mexican food section). Some places you can also find it powdered.

So, go to it, and don't afraid of a little heat!

(We're going to make a chicken dish with a raspberry-chipotle sauce in the next couple days. If it's any good, we'll tell you more. This may also be the excuse Grace needs to make her chipotle chocolate torte she's been fantasizing about for months. You can tell we're professionals because we talk about ourselves in the third person.)

Also, to bring you up to date, we have had spices of the month for the past few months, we just haven't posted them. Because we're lazy and we suck (see? professionalism of 3rd person gone because of suckage).
Nov. 2004: Caraway Seed
Dec. 2004: Anise Seed
Jan/Feb. 2005: Fennel Seed (So much to do with fennel. Maybe we tell you about it later)
So, yes, we've been busy being seedy.
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