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Love Your Rack ;)

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But how well do you really know your spice rack?

Basically, the spice of the month club looks to become better acquainted with different spices: its character, uses, and sometimes even history. Well, mostly its uses - finding creative new ways to use spices.

Each month, your beloved moderators, bitterjoymoon and celestialblendr (also known in her sillier moments as nottheshark), will post or declare a spice for the month. The idea is to find new and different ways to use this spice and examine its flavor, and then tell us all about it, possibly (hopefully) with recipes.

A Brief NAQ (Never Asked Questions)
Q: How is each month's spice chosen?
A: M'ia just kinda hangs out for the first few days of a month drinking tea and pottering around in the kitchen in a meditative manner. Eventually, she either gets a craving or notices something shiny on the spice rack. The shiny may be next to an actual spice, which she will notice after she gets done playing with the shiny.

Q: So, you mean to tell me that the Spice of the Month is chosen purely on the whim of some girl I've never met?
A: Oh, be fair, some of you have met her. Other than that, yup, pretty much.

Q: Huh?
A: Excellent question! It all started in a little tea lounge in early April this year, when M'ia was struck with a sudden burning yearning deep inside of her...for GINGER! After this had kept on for the first couple days of the month, her friends eventually started questioning her about this: "What's with all the ginger anyway?" To which she "calmly" replied: "It's the spice of the month!" Quite out of nowhere. No premeditation, it just kind of happened.

Q: Huh?
A:April 2004 - Ginger
May 2004 - Lavender
June 2004 - Coriander
July 2004 - Sage
August 2004 - Cloves

Q: Exsqueeze me? A baking powder?
A: Yup.

Q: Whyyyyyy?
A: Becaaaaaaause.